Our Fabrication Facility

We offer full Fabrication & Welding facilities with all procedures approved by DNV. Adhering to industry codes ASME IX, AWS, EMMUA, TIG / MIG.

  • 648 [m2] of floor space

  • Size of doors 5.6 [m] wide x 5.2 [m] high

  • 2x5 ton overhead cranes

  • Height of the cranes are 5 [m] under hook

Our Mechanical Workshop

Modern facility providing a platform for hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and mechanical repairs. The workforce are multi-disciplined and competent in a wide range of equipment including diesel engines and other mechanical equipment.

  • 732 [m2] of floor space

  • Size of doors 7 [m] wide x 6 [m] high

Our Parts Warehouse

Recent expansion in our stores facility and a long established supply chain enable us to service the needs of our customers by ensuring smooth and timely production operations, and providing a retail option for parts, spares and after sales support.

  • 600 [m2] of floor space

  • 5000 line items of stock